Frequently Asked Questions


What is the best way to warm up for my workouts?

A dynamic warm up with a full-body approach is the best way to prepare your body for these workouts. Fluid, continuous movements along with joint mobility will help you transition from a resting heart rate and body temperature to a working heart rate.


What equipment will I need?

  • PVC pipe or dowel
  • Towel
  • Olympic barbell and plate set 
  • Olympic weightlifting shoes
  • Set of kettlebells
  • Rack
  • Rower
  • Bench
  • Timer 
  • Non-slip yoga mat
  • 8'x8' open space to practice lifting safely


How do I add weight to the bar during this program?


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Barbell Shred


  • Interval Training Plan
  • Strength Training Plan
  • Moderate Intensity Conditioning Plan
  • Mobility Plan
  • Video and Photo Movement Library


Barbell Shred is an easy-to-follow, yet challenging program that requires maximum commitment for maximum results. The program is comprised of three main components: strength training, interval training, and moderate intensity conditioning with mobility. The strength training component of is program is designed specifically to build lean strength and muscle. The interval training workouts are short, intense, and effective for shredding and fat loss. These are programmed two days per week for 5-20 minutes per session.