Baseline Assessment and Screening


Perform this assessment prior to beginning this training program. You will reassess your flexibility at weeks 4 and 8.


Standing Toe Touch

Stand with your feet together and toes pointing forward. Bend down forward from the hips and try to touch the ends of the fingers to the tips of the toes, without bending the knees. Do your hands touch your feet?


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Flexibility 101 $29.95


Flexibility 101


  • 8 Weeks of Flexibility, Mobility, and Bodyweight Workouts
  • Baseline Assessment and Screening
  • Video and Photo Movement Library


Moving well is essential for life-long health. This program will help you cultivate a strong foundation of basic beginner fitness and flexibility. Flexibility 101 is ideal for beginning-level athletes, but intermediate and advanced athletes can also benefit from dedicated flexibility training. The workouts are approachable, easy-to-follow, and progress slowly over eight weeks. Each movement in the program has a demonstration video to ensure that you maintain good form and develop proper movement patterns.


The program starts with a 101 baseline assessment to evaluate your current flexibility needs and identify imbalances. A repeat screening will be performed at four and eight weeks to track your progress. The benefits of dedicated flexibility training are vast, including enhanced sports performance, improved range of motion, decreased risk of injury, elevated well-being, among others. Flexibility sessions are programmed 3-4 days per week depending on your fitness level and goals, and take no longer than thirty minutes to complete.


Flexibility 101 $29.95