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Glute Goddess


This program is designed for beginner to intermediate level women who are looking to increase, sculpt and build lean muscle, get fit, and lose fat. The plan is designed to teach you the fundamental movements, techniques, and skills you'll need to progress to advanced drills and more challenging workouts. These are fast, efficient, and potent workouts with real results.


In addition, we have added plenty of supplementary mobility and warm up movements to support each phase.


Your glutes are an incredibly important muscle group for many reasons:


  • For strength: Your glutes play a pivotal role in strength as it relates to a number of exercises. They are a crucial link in squats, deadlifts, step ups, lunges, and leg presses, as well as a key component in performance for running, sprinting, jumping, and other explosive moves.
  • For health: Since your glutes play such an important role in everyday tasks, your literal mobility is directly affected. The weaker your glutes, the more difficult everyday movement will be. Getting to and from a sitting position, walking for long periods, and working with daily tasks can be greatly influenced by your glute development.
  • For mobility: Many people, particular those who weight train, complain of low back pain, and proceed to extensively stretch their hamstrings and lower back, hoping to alleviate the problem. Unfortunately, for some this doesn't do the trick. For some of us with lower back discomfort, tight glutes may be to blame. This unseen problem muscle group can be the thorn in your side preventing you from performing squats and other lifts optimally. That's why we have added a thorough mobility routine for your glutes. 
  • For aesthetics: Last, nobody wants a flat butt. You want to fill out a pair of jeans, right? One of the goals that may have gotten you into training in the first place was looking good naked, or at least in swimwear at the beach. Well-developed glutes round out a physique nicely.


In simple terms, gluten drive a lot of your functionality and you probably end up sitting on them most of the time.


Glute Goddess


If you don't have a gym membership, don't worry, these workouts require minimal equipment and are specifically programmed for a home gym setting.


This training plan will run 6 weeks, with workouts programmed 3 times/week, no more than 45 minutes per day. It should fit in easily into your busy life like all good training routines.