Hollow Body Levels 1-13



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Gymnastic Strength - A workout and traning program for a lifetime of bodyweight strength, mobility and flexibility


Gymnastics Foundation Strength is a progressive program designed for anyone at any level of fitness looking to build bodyweight strength, mobility and flexibility.


Foundation Includes:


  • Strength Foundation
    • Pull up - Bent Arm Pulling Strength
    • Handstand Push Up - Bent Arm Pressing Strength
    • Ring Dip - Bent Arm Pressing Strength
    • Hollow Body - Core Stability Strength
    • Leg Raise - Core Compression Strength
    • L-Wiper - Core Rotation Strength
    • Pistol Squat - Single Leg Strength


  • Mobility
    • Jefferson Curl - Compression Mobility, Posterior Chain Flexibility and Strength
    • Pancake Pull - Hip Mobility, Foundation for Press Handstands
    • Sissy Squat - Knee Mobility and Injury Prevention
    • Pass Through - Shoulder Mobility
    • Cossack Squat - Hip Mobility
    • Skin the Cat - Shoulder Mobility, Shoulder Extension Strength


  • Flexibility
    • Front Split - Leg and Hip Flexibility
    • Middle Split - Leg and Hip Flexibility
    • Bridge - Thoracic Flexibility


Before I started training with Chris I was in a training rut and pretty discouraged about my progress. I had several fitness goals I wanted to achieve but no clear path on how to get there. Since working with Chris I have seen improvements in both strength and mobility. He has worked to help me establish clear progressions to achive my fitness goals that are tailored to me personally. Hands down, training with Chris was the best decision I have made in my fitness life!

Jena-Claire Auten (30yr) - Competetive CrossFit Athlete


Suggested Training Schedule:


  Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4
Strength Handstand Push Up          

Hollow Body

Pull Up          

Leg Raise

Ring Dip          

Pistol Squat

Pull Up         



Mobility Cossack Squat          

Jefferson Curl

Skin the Cat Pancake Roll Pass Through          

Sissy Squat

Flexibility   All Splits Bridge  


When I came to Chris I was pretty beat up. I was a competetive Crossfit athlete and I thought that being beat up was just part of what it took to be good. With the addition of his bodyweight movement and gymnastic progessions, I have increased all areas of my fitness and my gymnastic skills are great. Finally pain free, my range of motion and ability to move is better than ever. I enjoy working out again!

Jeremy Retterer (43yr) - Movement Training


“I have seen heavy back squat athletes unable to perform a pistol, strong overhead pressers unable to perform a handstand push up and some of the highest level competitive athletes unable to perform a leg raise. What I don’t see is athletes that have all of the Gymnastics Foundations struggle to perform and/or learn to develop a strong press, squat or other athletic type exercises. Learning to move your body around space will transfer over to moving objects around much more effectively than the opposite approach.”

Coach Chris Lofland


I've been with Coach Chris for years now, but even starting off he paid attention to what areas I was strong in and what areas I needed more work in to make me the athlete I wanted to be. He is the type of coach that is always trying to learn what is the best way to help his athletes, because he understands that without growth brings stagnation. His program can stand alone, be used to develop sought after CrossFit skills or be used, as I have, as accessory work to my weightlifting.

Stanley Bastein (26yr) - Olympic Weightlifter