Handstand Strength (Level 1-11)



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Handstand Strength


Handstand Strength is a progressive program designed for anyone at any level to work on developing a freestanding handstand. It’ll focus on developing both the strength and balance necessary for success!


Handstand Benefits:

  • Upper body strength development
  • Superior balance
  • Increased body alignment
  • Overhead stability
  • Increased coordination
  • It is FUN!


Handstand Strength provides clear set goals, progressions and video demos for every exercise.


Training Schedule:

  • Beginner Athletes train your handstand 2-3 days per week with a day or two between your training days. This will provide adequate recovery time while still applying enough repetitiveness for success.
  • Intermediate to Advanced Athletes train your handstand 3-5 days per week. The volume and physical demand of this for a more conditioned athlete shouldn’t require as much rest throughout the week.


“If I had to choose one skill for people to develop it would be the handstand. It covers so much in this one movement and few other exercises have the same bang for your buck.” - Coach Chris


Handstand Strength