Ignite:Fat Loss


  • Warm Up, Mobility and Deep Stretch
  • 10 Weeks Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Kettlebell and Fat Loss Interval Workouts
  • Movement Photo and Video Library


The Ignite Training Fat Loss plan covers 10 weeks of challenging and effective workouts in four phases. These workouts combine kettlebells, running intervals, and bodyweight exercises for a powerful and challenging fat loss combo. This results-driven program will develop lean muscle, increase your strength and endurance and melt stubborn fat.


With three training plans to choose from you can start at any level.  Follow Training Plan A if you are a beginner or are new to working out. Training Plan B is an intermediate program for for athletes who have some experience with weights and running.  Training Plan C is an advanced program for athletes who have previous experience training with kettlebells, interval training, and running longer distances. Training Plan C will consist of challenging intervals and running protocols.


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Getting Started

The Ignite Training plan combines kettlebells, bodyweight exercises, and running intervals for a powerful fat-loss combo.
Detailed explanation on how to perform the running interval workouts in this plan
A guide to planning your training schedule.
Mobility and Warm Up for training plans A, B & C.
Follow this deep stretch and recovery flow on your rest days.
This is a list of the workouts in this training program with links to help you better navigate the site.