Seated Forward Bend With Blocks



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Kettlebells and Yoga - Creative. Fun. Fitness Flows. Learn & Buy


  • 4 Weeks of Kettlebell and Yoga Workouts
  • Video and Photo Movement Library


Get ready to sweat with these challenging kettlebell and yoga workouts. The Kettlebell and Yoga Program is designed to build a well-rounded athlete. Kettlebell workouts are paired with yoga flows to build strength and flexibility. 


Flexibility training is often the missing piece for many strength programs, but not here. In this plan, yoga flows are programmed alongside kettlebell strength routines so the mobility and flexibility work you need to stay healthy is an automatic part of your new routine.


Kettlebell training is an effective way to build total-body strength, and yoga flows will mobilize your hips and shoulders, increase your flexibility, and aid in recovery. Workouts are programmed four days per week and take no longer than 30 minutes to complete. These rigorous sessions will help you move better and stronger, for longer.