Complete Pregnancy


The Compete Pregnancy is safe, effective and scalable training program designed especially for prenatal and postpartum women who are looking for an easy-to-follow routine that will keep them healthy and strong. This is a comprehensive program for maternal, prenatal, and postnatal health.  Each warm up, workout, and yoga sequence have been tested and programmed for safety with a system that I personally use myself, with clients and with a research test group. 


This complete training system, including nutrition and training, has been specifically programmed for optimal results. This is not a program where you spend countless hours following boring and ineffective workouts that require expensive gym memberships and useless equipment.  Whether you are currently pregnant, postpartum, or just beginning to plan your family, this program will help you achieve an optimal level of maternal and prenatal health, fitness, and wellness.


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After at least 6 weeks have passed since birth, and with the approval of your OBGYN, you can ease yourself into this routine.
Make sure that you don't start until after 6+ weeks from birth and with your OBGYN's approval.
A simple guide for optimal nutrition during the postpartum period.
A gluten-free pasta dish that comes together in a pinch.
A gluten-free, meat-free pasta dish that will satisfy the whole family.
This recipe is easy to double or triple, leaving you with leftover salad that tastes even more delicious on the second day.
Nourish your postpartum body with this gluten-free, dairy-free soup.
Try this high-protein tropical smoothie when you're short on time but need a satisfying snack.
A light and fresh tuna salad that won't weigh you down.
Customize this quiche with your choice of cheese and veggies.
Eating your greens has never been easier.
A flavorful meatless Mexican dish that's easy to prepare on your busiest days.
This grain-free salad is easy to throw together while your baby is taking a quick nap.
Labor is hard work. This coconut water drink will help you stay hydrated and refreshed.
Recovery is going to take time. Enjoy the process and do what works for you.
A smoothie to give you the energy you'll need to enjoy your great day.
Healthy fats and vitamin-rich greens help your body recover after delivery.
A gluten-free, dairy-free, meat-free soup with spices to warm your soul.
A delicious broth that is also a fantastic base for other meals.
This is sure to become your go-to chicken stock recipe.
It's easy to neglect yourself when caring for a new baby. This soup will ensure that you're feeding your body with important nutrients.
As a new mom you have your hands full. Slow cooker recipes ensure that you will have quick access to healthy meals.
A fun twist on a classic noodle soup.
A new take on an old favorite.
Your first workout for Postpartum Healing.
Essential Daily Movements for Postpartum C- Section Recovery
Two herbal sitz recipes for recovery.
Recovery from a C-section birth can take anywhere from 8-12 weeks or more.
Recovery from a natural birth can take anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks or more.
Weight gain is a natural and necessary part of a healthy pregnancy for you and your growing baby.
Please obtain approval of your OBGYN if you have DR and before you begin any workouts in the postpartum period.
Try these two sequences for two weeks 6 weeks after birth.
You are now 8 weeks past birth and ready for this next set of sequences program of Yoga.
Now that you are in the postpartum stage don't forget to commit to these essentials.
Getting Through The First 6 Weeks
Granola bars are a quick and satisfying snack that you can eat with one hand.
Chocolate done right is a great addition to your nutrition planning.
A power protein concoction with essential nutrients to maintain a healthy supply.
Nursing can take a lot out of you. Try this great-tasting smoothie for a boost of energy.
Bone broth has many benefits including maintaining energy, supporting your immune system, and promoting healthy hair, skin, and nails.
Hydration is key for nursing moms. This spiced tea is so delicious that you'll want to reach for a second glass.
A supply-boosting tea to help the nursing mom stay hydrated.
Nursing moms have big appetites. These muffins will satisfy your hunger any time of day, even in the middle of the night.
These sweet treats are a cinch to whip up and provide an essential serving of healthy fats.
When cookies can help maintain your supply, go ahead and enjoy a few!
Cookies so delicious no one will know that they support healthy lactation.