Complete Pregnancy


The Compete Pregnancy is safe, effective and scalable training program designed especially for prenatal and postpartum women who are looking for an easy-to-follow routine that will keep them healthy and strong. This is a comprehensive program for maternal, prenatal, and postnatal health.  Each warm up, workout, and yoga sequence have been tested and programmed for safety with a system that I personally use myself, with clients and with a research test group. 


This complete training system, including nutrition and training, has been specifically programmed for optimal results. This is not a program where you spend countless hours following boring and ineffective workouts that require expensive gym memberships and useless equipment.  Whether you are currently pregnant, postpartum, or just beginning to plan your family, this program will help you achieve an optimal level of maternal and prenatal health, fitness, and wellness.


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Yoga and Essential Movements

A simple and effective pregnancy yoga series to stretch, strengthen, and relax.
Spending 15 minutes a day practicing these movements will aid in improving pregnancy related issues.
Try these Yoga sequences if you are new to Yoga.
3 Yoga sequences to try during the first months of pregnancy.
3 more Yoga sequences for the second trimester both from standing and sitting positions.
In the final months of pregnancy, these 3 Yoga sequences give you some useful options from standing and from your hands and knees.
A Short Sequence for Keeping Baby in the Head Down Position and Ready for Birth
No matter what shape you are in or how well your pregnancy progresses, everyone has to deal with discomfort.
This is a short sequence but with a very specific focus on moving the gestating baby around inside the womb.
Here's a unique sequence to help you with some very specific issues that arise in pregnancy.
Here is a Yoga sequence to help you with birth and labor.