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Fluid Flexibility


Fluid Flexibility is for intermediate and advanced athletes who want to dive deeper into their overall fitness, mobility, and flexibility. This program includes eight weeks of flows to help you unwind your tight and bound-up body. It kicks off with a baseline assessment to evaluate your current flexibility needs and identify imbalances. A repeat screening will be performed at four and eight weeks to track your progress. This program pairs well with any strength-training plan.


Challenge your overall fitness, mobility, and master your flexibility. Maybe you need a better overhead position to lift heavier weights, or maybe you need a program to counteract the negative effects of sitting at a desk all day. Either way, Fluid Flexibility is designed to help you reach your movement goals.


The benefits of dedicated flexibility training are vast, including enhanced sports performance, improved range of motion, decreased risk of injury, elevated well-being, among others. Flexibility sessions are programmed five days per week and take no longer than thirty minutes to complete.