Welcome to the Women's Beginner Kettlebell Program


Welcome to the Women's Beginner's Kettlebell Training Program! This program is designed for beginner-level women who are looking to increase overall strength, build lean muscle, and lose fat. The plan is designed to teach you the fundamental movements, techniques, and skills you'll need to progress to advanced drills and more challenging workouts. These are fast, efficient, and potent workouts with real results.


This program has four phases:


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Women's Beginner Kettlebell Program


The Women’s Beginner’s Kettlebell Program is a four-week training plan that guides you through fundamental movements, techniques, and skills to help you increase strength and build lean muscle.


These workouts are fast, efficient, and effective. Our warm up and mobility sequences will create a solid platform of motor control, coordination, flexibility, and body awareness. The program has four progressive phases to help you develop confidence in your kettlebell training.


Training doesn’t have to feel overwhelming. A typical week includes three days of training and 3-4 days of active recovery and mobility. Each workout takes no longer than 30 minutes to complete. Make yourself a priority. This program is the first step on your journey to creating lasting change.