Women's DB Strength


Whether you want to get stronger, gain muscle or lose body fat The Women’s DB Strength Program will take your fitness to the next level. This step-by-step 10 week dumbbell training program is aimed at helping women reach their strength and fitness goals.


Improve your strength, cardiovascular health, flexibility, reduce body fat, and feel and look your best every day.


Learn basic yoga and mobility techniques to relax and stretch your body and aid in recovery from your workouts.


The Women's DB Strength Program is designed for all levels using the “Minimum Effective Dose” approach to training. You will spend less time working out and do only what is needed for optimal results. This program has a flexible approach, that you can fit into your already busy lifestyle and work week. 


Learn effective strength training techniques to work out on your own with confidence.


A typical training week should consist of three to four train days and three to four active recovery and mobility days. Get your strongest, fittest, healthiest body with a simple approachable program, built to reach your goals. Get a strong, build muscle, and radiate with confidence.


Program Includes:


  • Warm Up
  • Mobility
  • 10 Week Training Program
  • Video Movement Library


Level - Beginner - Intermediate - Advanced


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Women's DB Strength

This challenging dumbbell program will build strength, endurance and burn fat.
A guide to planning your training schedule.
Perform this warm up before each workout.
Follow this mobility sequence on your recovery days.
Use this movement library to find all of the exercises in this workout program.
Ten weeks of challenging workouts to help you get strong, burn fat, and increase your mobility.