The Women’s Kettlebell Transformation Plan is safe, effective and scalable training program designed especially for women who are looking for an easy-to-follow routine that will challenge and transform their body.
What equipment will I need? What is the best way to warm up? All your questions answered here.
This is a list of the workouts in this training program with links to help you better navigate the site.
How do I know what size kettlebell to use? Find out here.
Success stories of people who have completed the Women's Transformational Kettlebell Program.
An introduction to your coach.
Choose from these 10 warm up sequences before starting any of our kettlebell workouts.
Start here if you are new to kettlebell training. This modified phase is designed to give you ample technique practice while developing strength and coordination before moving on to Phase 1
Phase 1 builds on the techniques you have learned in the modified phase. Focus on making the training program a part of your daily routine. What changes do you need to make in your life to succeed?
As the volume increases in Phase 2, make sure that you are taking ample rest between sets.
The final phase of the training program will challenge your body with the highest volume and most advanced kettlebell sequences.
A variety of longer yoga sequences to add to your kettlebell training routine.
A variety of yoga sequences to add to your kettlebell training routine. More than 15 sequences to choose from.
End your workout with a few minutes of dedicated flexibility and mindfulness practice.
Incorporating these kettlebell movement patterns into your routine will aid in recovery, reduce injury, and promote mobility and flexibility.
Make this mobility sequence a part of your daily routine.