30-Minute Yoga Sequences



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Women's KB Transformation


Transform your body with a safe, effective, and scalable program for all levels. This training plan will increase your strength, mobility, as well as aid in fat loss and lean muscle growth. Taking the time to commit to a 16-week program is the first step in creating life-long changes in your health and fitness.


This is a results-driven program to take your fitness to the next level; if you stick to the program, you will see results that are truly transformational. This program is designed for women who are looking to increase overall strength, endurance, and mobility, as well as become a well-rounded lean athlete.


The program is beginner-friendly with a modified phase for those new to working out. The advanced athlete can jump right in and start at Phase 1 for a very challenging 16-week program. Begin practicing the fundamental movements, techniques and skills needed to move to more advanced drills and challenging workouts. 



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