Meet Your Coach: Bob Takano


Bob Takano trains Olympic lifters and Olympic lifting enthusiasts out of a 5000+ sq ft. facility in Woodland Hills, California. This training plan is programmed by USA Weightlifting Hall of Fame Bob Takano.  This training plan caters to all levels of athletes from beginner to intermediate and advanced.  These workouts being programmed and used every day at the Takano Weightlifting facility with his own athletes.


Bob is Breaking Muscle's Olympic Weightlifting coach. He is a highly respected member of the USA Weightlifting Hall of Fame having been inducted in 2007 for his enormous contributions to the sport of weightlifting. He is continuously in demand travelling the world giving lectures and seminars on weightlifting. 


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Olympic Lifting


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Weightlifting is the purest power sport. It is also a well-worn path to strength and conditioning, bodybuilding, and any number of heavy iron pursuits. Mastering the Olympic snatch or clean and jerk brings a lifetime of achievement.


The principles of weightlifting can be applied to any sport where there is a requirement for explosive power. But, at the end of the day, it comes down to that singular moment when your body moves in a perfect line, you hoist a heap of metal into the air, drop under it, catch it, and stand up with your arms raised high, carrying the weight of the world with ease.


Coach Bob Takano has four decades of experience teaching world champions and high school athletes. He continues to teach young and old, competitors, and casual lifers of all stripes at his facility in southern California. No matter what level of weightlifting success you are pursuing, there is no better programming.  Learn from one of the best and most respected weightlifting coaches in the country.


Olympic Weightlifting $49.95