These are testimonials from athletes and coaches who have worked directly with Coach Takano. The comments are taking directly from emails provided and have not been edited.


I had been coaching a fledgling weightlifting program for several years before interning with Bob. I'd gotten certified through CrossFit via Mike Burgener, and I also have Greg Everett's Level 1 certification. Although I learned a great deal from both of these fine coaches and still value their teaching highly, training as a coach 100 hours alongside Hall of Fame Coach, Bob Takano enabled me to take my program to the next level. Training under Bob gave me the confidence I was lacking both regarding what I was seeing in the gym as well as how to program for my athletes.


Now, almost a year later, I write all of our programming, and we've had tremendous success. I've taken masters lifters to the world level, and coached my first lifter at Nationals in 2015.


Bob knows his stuff. He's patient, yet direct, and his book on programming is second to none. I cannot recommend Bob Takano highly enough.


Shannon Franklin, CrossFit Survival Weightlifting


Those of us who were fortunate enough to be coached by Bob Takano discovered something about ourselves that was very special. We all learned we could train much harder than we thought was possible. If I never had the opportunity to train under his guidance, I'm certain I would have never known my potential. The 50 mile drive each Saturday to the Phat Elvis training facility located at Van Nuys HS was well worth the many PRs. In that hot, dusty old weight room, Takano created an atmosphere that always brought out the best in everyone.


I consider Coach Takano a true mentor. He has shaped almost everything I have ever done as a strength and conditioning professional. Most of the decisions I make about the programs I design for athletes are influenced by what he has taught me. Takano is one of a very small and select group of scientist/coaches that truly understands how to properly train an athlete.


Eric Burkhardt



Bob Takano is a great weightlifting instructor. He has an eye for the little details to help improve your lifts. The gym itself is clean, organized, plenty of weights with 8 platforms and 1 competition platform. Bob's programming even for beginners is tough and long but will definitely make you stronger and more technical. Each platform even has a bench to rest between sets that helps alot. Bob is very nice and friendly which helps promotes a great learning environment. He did have interns in the gym that provided another set of eyes and expertise. Overall a big recommendation for those wanting to improve in the sport of weightlifting.


Shayne G


Bob Takano is the real deal! He is the most patient yet demanding coach that I've ever trained with. When I started lifting with Bob all I had was passion for the sport but no natural talent or understanding of the mechanics of weightlifting. He has taught me so much through the last few years. He has become a mentor and willingly shares his knowledge with his lifters. If you have an opportunity to lift with Bob Takano then you should do it immediately. If you don't have the ability to lift with Bob then you should figure out how to anyway. Best coach EVER


Morgan W


I've been weightlifting for 3 years and Bob is the best coach I have ever worked with. He fixed my movement mechanics which literally saved my back from further injury (herniated two discs prior to Bob). The facility is filled with great people, great interns, and great coach :)


Christine N



I had the pleasure of interning for Coach Takano at his facility. He is one of the most knowledgeable people in Weightlifting and Strength and Conditioning. His vast knowledge and expertise helped me learn more about training different types of athletes at various stages. The internship with Coach Takano is a once in a lifetime opportunity that does not come by very easily.


Norbert K

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