12 Week Rowing for Weight Loss Workout Plan



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Rowing For Weight Loss


This 12-week rowing training plan is designed for rowers looking to lose weight. Along with a healthy diet, this training plan can help you get fit and shed unwanted fat.


Within these 12 weeks, you will experience a wide variety of workouts that range from 30-60 minutes in length, a range of intensities from steady-state to max sprints, and stroke ratings from 18 up to 34 (or above).


This variety will prevent the body from adapting too quickly and will maximize the number of calories burned within and outside of the workout.


As you progress through the workouts, they will increase in duration and intensity, but there are rest days built in as well. Also included are post-row bodyweight exercises that will further help strengthen and tone. The only thing you need apart from a desire to lose weight and work hard is access to a rowing machine.


Rowing is for everyone. Rowing is low-impact and fluid, and it isn’t limited by age, gender, or even athleticism. It uses 84% of your body’s musculature, far more than most other aerobic exercise modalities. According to a Harvard study, vigorous rowing burns up to 12.5 calories per minute. In this day and age where time-starved people are increasingly looking for the most efficient means of exercise, rowing is a great option.


This program is designed by Ellen Tomek, a world-class rowing champion who has competed at the Olympics, world championships, national championships and has proven to be an outstanding ambassador for the sport worldwide.