Strength Training For Beginners


This program is designed for those new to strength training. Each week we will focus on a different functional fitness movement meant to improve overall strength, endurance and stamina. What is a functional movement? A functional movement is a movement that we perform in our everyday lives.


For example: when we pick up our groceries, we are performing a deadlift. When we push our luggage into the overhead compartment, we are doing an overhead press. These are movements we as humans are designed to perform. And even though we’re designed to perform them, we still need to practice form and build strength so that these movements come naturally. This program is designed for those new to strength training.


Each week is built on the one before it to help you, the athlete, build a solid foundation. Though the program has been created for those new to strength training, is just as relevant for the more advanced athlete. We will begin practicing the fundamental movements, and move forward each week at a steady pace.


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Everything you need to know about this program.
Success stories of people who have completed the Strength Training for Beginners program.
Use the information in Stephanie's WOD Recovery Yoga eBook to guide you through the physical practice of yoga.
An introduction to your coach.
What equipment will I need? What is the best way to warm up? All your questions answered here.
We begin this training plan with the most functional movement we can do as athletes and as humans.
Strength in the upper body is essential for total-body fitness.
This week we focus on the pull up.
These static holds will improve core and shoulder strength as well as overall muscular endurance.
Dips strengthens almost every upper body muscle from the triceps to the lats and even down to the core.
This week, with the cardio focus, we are going to bring our attention to pacing.
As yogis, the shoulders are an important part of our practice not only in flexibility but also in strength.
Knowing how to safely pick something up off of the ground is an essential life skill.
When you incorporate farmer’s carry into your training, you’ll find inversions and overall body strength increases.
Height jumps and broad jumps are a key factor to being a strong athlete.
This week is a testing week. The goal is to give you an idea of where you are now in your fitness so that at the end of this training plan, you can repeat the testing week and see from the numbers how you’ve improved.
Compound movements require you to perform explosive, full-body movements that increase the heart rate.
There is no secret path to conquering handstands. It takes time. It takes a lot of practice. And it takes strength.
Your core stabilizes your spine, which enables your extremities to do the heavy lifting. A strong core means we are able to move better and safer.
By this point you have learned all of the fundamental movements. We will take this functional-fitness knowledge and try different workouts each week.
You know the moves, and you’re going to be pretty comfortable with them. At this point you can look at a workout and jump right in.
Varying our workouts with different movements, repetitions, and time restraints helps us to become stronger and prevent the dreaded workout plateau.
As the volume increases, make sure that you are warming up appropriately and taking ample rest between sets.
Focus on maintaining clarity about your personal goals for completing this program.
You are in the home stretch! Keep the momentum going and finish this series strong!