Welcome to Strength Training for Beginners


Congratulations and a big welcome to Strength Training for Beginners!


I’m so excited to have you here and guide you through this program. The strength, power, and confidence I’ve gained through these cross-training workouts has helped me become a better athlete, and build strength in every area of my life. I know it will help you to do the same.


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Strength Training for Beginners $49.95


Strength Training For Beginners


This program is designed for those new to strength training. Each week we will focus on a different functional fitness movement meant to improve overall strength, endurance and stamina. What is a functional movement? A functional movement is a movement that we perform in our everyday lives.


For example: when we pick up our groceries, we are performing a deadlift. When we push our luggage into the overhead compartment, we are doing an overhead press. These are movements we as humans are designed to perform. And even though we’re designed to perform them, we still need to practice form and build strength so that these movements come naturally. This program is designed for those new to strength training.


Each week is built on the one before it to help you, the athlete, build a solid foundation. Though the program has been created for those new to strength training, is just as relevant for the more advanced athlete. We will begin practicing the fundamental movements, and move forward each week at a steady pace.


Strength Training for Beginners $49.95