Frequently Asked Questions


What is the best way to warm up for my workouts?

A dynamic warm up with a full-body approach is the best way to prepare your body to workout. Fluid, continuous movements along with joint mobility will help you transition from a resting heart rate and body temperature to a working heart rate.


How long should I rest between sets?

The rest periods are specified for these workouts. However, if no rest period is given, move through the sets at a steady pace, always placing form and safety first. If you find you need more rest, add it as needed until you are able to stay with the prescribed rest for each workout.  

I don’t have a gym membership. Can I do my workout programs at home?


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Ultimate Bodyweight $49.95


Ultimate Bodyweight


  • Bodyweight Assessment
  • Baseline Assessment
  • 18 Weeks of Workouts
  • 3 Phases Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced
  • 30-Minute Yoga Sequences
  • 15-Minute Yoga Finishers
  • Mobility Sequences
  • Warm Up Sequences
  • Video and Photo Movement Library


The Ultimate Bodyweight Training Plan will build your essential athletic skills and challenge your strength, balance, and flexibility. No matter how much weight you can squat, pull off the ground, or get over your head - if you cannot pull yourself up to a bar there is a fundamental and functional strength concern that needs to be addressed. In addition to the impressive levels of strength that can be built through bodyweight training, it requires an understanding of where your body is in space and where it is in relation to itself - kinesthetic awareness and proprioception. These are crucial elements of any form of strength training.  


Bodyweight training is a great choice for gaining strength, building muscle, boosting cardiovascular fitness, and losing weight. This plan focuses on developing the foundational movements – squatting, pushing, and pulling – that will translate across athletic endeavors. Take the Ultimate Bodyweight Challenge and master pull ups, push ups, handstands, backbends and splits.


Ultimate Bodyweight $49.95


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