The Will and The Way


This training program takes advantage of the science of human habit and science of making real, lasting change. This is how health change happens. This is the way to avoid being the 95% who start a fitness plan only to gain back the weight. It is not a 30 day challenge where you white knuckle a goal just to slip back to your old patterns months later. This is a 30+ year challenge. It is a way of life.


What's offered in Your Training Package:

  • An individualized 4 week workout plan.
  • An in depth look at week one of the program and follow-up videos for the changes in each week.
  • A video loop of all the exercises in your program.
  • Motivation, Explanation, Support, & workout modification throughout.
  • Lifestyle suggestions and support throughout. 


What You'll Need:

  • A notebook for tracking.
  • A Jump Rope.
  • A kettlebell or dumbbell between 15 and 35 lbs.
  • Resistance bands like these or these. Red and Black should work great.
  • A box, chair, bucket, bench, or sturdy object you can push down on. 



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The Will and The Way

Please read this before you start your training.
Get familiar with the exercises and prepare yourself for pre and post workout.
There are plenty of instructions and guidelines in the videos provided here. You're ready to go. Good luck!